I've built websites for friends, businesses, public sector bodies and global organisations. I can make one for you too.

Some examples of my work

I make websites using WordPress and Google Sites software. Depending on what you need, or what your objectives are, we can decide which is best for you. Here's a small set of websites and templates I've built for clients.

Bistro restaurant website

The website crafted for a bistro exudes charm and warmth, inviting visitors to experience the ambiance and flavors of the establishment. 

Featuring a visually appealing layout with high-quality images of delectable dishes and cosy interiors, the template captures the essence of the bistro's atmosphere. Emphasising simplicity and ease of use, it showcases essential information such as menu offerings, opening hours, and reservation options prominently on the homepage. 

The design incorporates elements of rustic elegance, with earthy tones and tasteful typography reflecting the bistro's artisanal approach to cuisine. Seamless integration with social media platforms enables patrons to stay connected and informed about special events or promotions. The desgin intent was to embody in the website the unique character of the bistro, enticing visitors to indulge in a memorable culinary experience.

Accounting firm website

Designed specifically for an accounting firm, the website design seamlessly blends professionalism with user-friendly functionality. 

With a clean and modern layout, it presents essential information such as services offered, team bios, and contact details in an easily accessible manner. The design prioritises clear navigation, ensuring visitors can swiftly locate the information they need. Additionally, it integrates features tailored to the accounting industry, such as interactive calculators, appointment scheduling tools, and secure client portals for document exchange. 

The colour scheme exudes trustworthiness, utilising tones of blue and green to evoke stability and reliability. A smart stylish design offering a polished online presence that instils confidence in potential clients.

Digital agency template

Creative agency template

Personal trainer template

Are you a personal trainer looking to promote yourself online? I can build a smart, effective website, fully optimised to help you rank better in Google. I can host and manage your website so there’s nothing for you to do.

I’ll also help you understand the good things you can do to promote your own website to boost your own business profile in Google.

Small business 3 page website

For a smart, simple website with built in SEO, mobile friendliness that you can edit yourself, look no further. My 3 page websites are based on proven, high quality templates that give you a smart, professional online presence. Built in features include:

Unbeatable value starting at £39 per month.

Amore Sunderland

Amore Brides is an award-winning bridal wear boutique located in Sunderland.

Their new website reflects the high quality, boutique nature of the business and gives them a slick platform on which to promote themselves. The site is editable to advertise new products and update customers, and linked to social media platforms to help their digital marketing.

Based on WordPress and hosted in AWS, the site is Google friendly, mobile optimised and fast. Linked to Google’s local search, it’s number one for its preferred keyword search in Google.

Coffee shop design template

For a smart, simple website with built in SEO, mobile friendliness that you can edit yourself, look no further. My 3 page websites are based on proven, high quality templates that give you a smart, professional online presence. Built in features include:

Unbeatable value at £39 per month.

Newcastle Counselling

Local counsellor Louise Keyes commissioned a redesign of her website; no small ask given how well she features in Google for counselling services in Newcastle.

I’ve used my proven “one site fits all” approach to create a calm, informative website that is informative and optimised for voice, text and traditional search. I look after it too – zero hassle for Louise.

Coast Campervans

Coast campervans is a brand new VW camper hire company based in the North East. Their funky new site advertises their vans but also allows them to take online bookings from customers, simplifying the whole booking process.

Mobile friendly, high performance and built in SEO keep the site fast and findable. #staycation2024 anyone?

Opticians Website template

A rebooted design template for opticians, optometrists and independent practices. A clean, clear design to get key messages across, built to be super easy to use and optimised for Google.

Mobile friendly, high performance and built to be site fast and findable.

Independent Practice owners! Do you want your a new website or want to revitalise an existing one? We have deep expertise in the sector and are able to create template based solutions to advertise your practice and services.

Check my Web design services for Opticians and Optometrists page.

Want to work with me?

I know what it takes to set up and run effective online presence. I make, manage and optimise websites for local businesses; my web design services include everything necessary to get an online presence to be proud of.

You might think that if you work with a smaller web design services firm you won’t get the quality or service you’d naturally associate with a bigger agency. That’s not the case. I don’t have the overheads of a large agency and if you’re doing a project with me, you know it’s me working on it and not the latest intern or some guy who used to fit kitchens for a living.

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