Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving how search engines index and rank your website. Improving SEO means you increase the chance of being found in a search engine for the topic that’s relevant to you. 

Everyone uses Google to find stuff, right?

According to a Google study, 4 in 5 people use a search engine to check business opening hours, directions to a local store, product availability and the address before deciding which store to visit.

As a business owner your website needs to be as findable as possible to appear in search results. That’s where I can help. It does take time, and I don’t guarantee a #1 ranking on Google (nobody should!).

I stick to Google approved methods to improve the visibility of your website, and I typically undertake a free check beforehand to ensure there are improvements to be made.

How people use search engines to find stuff

Here’s some facts about how people use Google to search for stuff:

What these facts and figures mean is that more people are using mobile devices to search for stuff; therefore, your website needs to be optimised for desktop and mobile searches.

Voice search is becoming more popular

Got an Amazon Echo or Google Home digital assistant? Well, throw voice searches into the mix and here’s some other interesting snippets about voice search trends in 2020:

The way people search for stuff is changing. Depending upon the demographic, people will use laptops, tablets, mobile devices or voice to find the stuff they want or need.

What this means is, the search engine optimisation on your website needs to make you as findable as possible regardless of the search method.

6 ways to improve SEO on your website

Here’s six ways to improve the search engine optimisation of your website:

I can improve your performance in Google Search (SEO)

If your website isn’t performing as you would hope in Search Engines, drop me a line to see how the situation can be improved. I undertake most types of Web and WordPress Search Engine Optimisation work from natural and organic results-driven work to paid advertising and techniques that exploit social media. I’ll also be able to explain how you can improve the “off site” optimisation of your website too. (There’s loads you can do there).

I only use approved white hat search engine optimisation techniques so there’s no risk of your website being removed from search engine indexes.

When it counts, count on us

If you’re looking for a web designer in Whitley Bay, or some SEO expertise to improve your website, I’m your man. And if I can’t help, I might be able to recommend someone who can.