Web design, development & SEO

As a small or new business your website needs to be fast, findable and intuitive. I can help you make a bigger impact online

Services to make your website look and perform better

Without doubt, a website is the most cost effective way to promote your business or service online. As an always-on marketing tool your website needs to do some basic things really well:

I can help you sort these things out properly. With over 30 years in technology and software development I know what works, nd perhaps more importantly, what doesn't (and why).

Mobile ready web design

Most searches are now performed on mobile devices so its important that your website adapts to suit any modern device. All of my websites are responsive, so your content is crisp and clear regardless of the device being used.

My proven template-based approach means your website is already responsive and automatically adapts to different sized screens. This is built-in and not a costly optional extra.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Now more than ever, search engine optimisation is a critical facet of your website’s performance. People use computers, mobile devices and even voice assistants to search for products and services, and your website needs to be optimised for them all.

Quite often design choices are driven by aesthetics, not SEO. I’ll explain the factors we need to consider to make sure SEO is baked into your website project.

Your content structure and website code all impact how well search engines rank your site. I follow Google best practice to enhance your findability for all search approaches.

Read about my approach to Search engine optimisation.

Website performance improvement

Website performance is an important factor for both user experience and Google’s indexing algorithm. To get it right, performance needs to be a consideration from the outset of your project, and not something your deal with afterwards. If you’re using sitebuilder software make sure you have sufficient optimisation control to make the changes you need.

I pay attention to performance and always test, test, test as I go. I want to make sure you get a result that reflects the quality and professionalism of your business.

WordPress website design, development and maintenance

32% of websites are built using WordPress, one of the world’s leading software platforms for building websites. It allows you to edit every aspect of your website through an easy to use interface (like a Word doc).

If you want your site converted into WordPress so you can edit it yourself, or some help to improve your existing WordPress site – I can help. I know the product inside out and whatever your issue is, I’ll most likely be able to help.

Google Sites website design, development and maintenance

For simpler websites that don't require a blog, or particularly complex functionality, you can use Google Sites. Google Sites is a free service, there's no hosting cost and it's sufficiently flexible to support a wide range of layouts and designs. I can also create custom Google Sites templates if that's what you're after.

Read more about when to use Google Sites.

Google business profile

Google’s free business services will improve your findability in local search, as long as they're set up properly.

I can help you claim your listing and make sure the profile matches your preferred search terms, business specifics and contact information. It’s important to get that right, then Google will do the rest.

Website management plans

Updating your website and keeping it optimised helps it perform better. If you’re too busy to manage your website, I can do it for you.

My care plans cover content updates, software upgrades and performance monitoring. I’ll do the necessary to keep it running smoothly without any hassle for you.

Web copywriting and content

Content is really, really important when it comes to your website. It must be well structured, well written, and clear. There’s nothing worse than poorly written content and it will reflect on your brand and business.

I use writing tools for copywriting to get your message across. I use qualified language professionals to check my work so I know when to use there, their or they’re. (See what I did there?)

Website health check

How fast is your website? Is software up to date? Is Google reporting any errors and do you know how many visitors you’ve had this month compared to last?

A review of your website can highlight potential issues and allow you to fix them before they become a problem. I can help you get the basics right before they become a real problem.

See what’s involved in a digital health check.

Need help with your website?

I’ve worked in the industry for over 23 years, in global consultancies and specialist technology houses. I know what works and what doesn’t. Even if you just want some free advice, hit me up. I’ll try and help if I can.